Why Nourish Hot Yoga?


We are a family operated, ocean breeze hot yoga studio located 1560 George Street in White Rock. Ample free parking is available in the front and side of the studio. View map.

Our handcrafted hot yoga studio features 6 showers, a relaxing after class cool-down room, impeccable change rooms and all the amenities you might need for your Hot or warm yoga practice. We're obsessive about keeping our hot yoga studio fresh and clean for our yogis – our state-of-the-art Infrared heating system with fresh air makeup circulates throughout the hot room, and the anti microbial studio floor is religiously maintained with thorough cleaning procedures.

Our instructors are all certified through an intensive 500 hour teacher training course. They're passionate about the healing benefits of of yoga, and maintain their own regular practice. Our staff continuously updates their knowledge and skill through hot yoga workshops and a worldwide network of Yoga studios.

We're more than happy to assist you on your healing journey as you practice with us. We'll do our best to ensure you leave our hot yoga studio feeling rejuvenated and refreshed every time.

Our classes will help you lose weight, build muscle tone, enhance your well-being and peace of mind. It has been shown to relieve back problems, chronic pain, depression, insomnia, digestion problems, high blood pressure, arthritis, and more.


Original HOT 26 & 2

The original HOT 26 & 2 is hot yoga for beginners. A 90-minute series of 26 yoga poses and 2 breathing exercises performed in a heated room, it is safe and extremely effective for everyone regardless of what physical shape you're in.

Express Hot Yoga Class (60 Minutes)
Inspired by the "Original 90", this class is the sequence of postures and heated environment that you have grown to love, shortened to 60 minutes. It is the perfect class for those wanting to maintain a hot yoga practice, providing the maximum benefits of the "90 minute" in the shortest amount of time.

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