Why 26 postures and 2 Breathing exercises?

Thursday, October 11th, 2018


Why is  the Bikram Yoga Method always 90 minutes, 26 postures, 2 breathing exercises with 40° heat and 40% humidity taught by a certified instructor? Why don't we "change it up" sometimes or "try something new"? Because it works like this! Like the old saying goes: "if it ain't broke, don't fix it".

This method is like a prescription. You have to have the right dose at the right time for the right period. If you change any of these things, the effect of the prescription changes. For over 50 years now this prescription has been working for millions of people around the world. Over these 50 years some people have tried to make changes to different aspects of the prescription, but they have failed so far to make the prescription better. How do we know this to be true? Because if there were a better prescription it would replace the old one. Over the years many studios have come and gone, but the original method taught by certified instructors remains and continues to grow around the world.

Another aspect of the prescription is that all instructors at Nourish are certified by by only approved institutions. This is a rigorous certification that requires students have already practiced under a certified instructor for 6 months (most students practice for 2-5 years before attending teacher training), and that instructor must write a recommendation letter certifying the student is ready for the training. The training itself lasts 9 weeks and students take 2 classes a day, under senior instructors. In between classes there is almost no free time, it's yoga immersion! There is no other modern yoga teacher training that compares to these high standards. Finally, we require that you continue your yoga education after you graduate, periodically returning to training with approved senior instructors.

We maintain this precise and rigorous standard because it works, and millions of people around the world will attest to that. It's very easy to find Bikram Method testimonials describing the life changing, and in many cases life saving, power of this yoga practice. The class is not always easy, it can be a challenge physically, mentally and emotionally. But with this challenge comes positive and long lasting change. We keep it like this because it's the right way.


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