The key to a good stretch is the 17 second hold

Wednesday, July 8th, 2015


The power of stretching.

Our muscles hurt from a decent stretch. This is a normal and vital bit of feedback that your body is giving you to let you know something is happening.

A key point to good stretch is to hold it for no less than seventeen seconds. This is a pearl of knowledge gathered from a balance artistry. She said that any stretch under 17 seconds was simply not enough.

The 17 second hold is surpassed in the high power 90 minute 26 & 2 class of yoga we teach at Nourish where stretches are held from 20-30 seconds. (Or from 3-5 minutes in a warm Yin class.) Keep in mind the temperature that is utilized as a part of the series to warm your muscles and increase blood flow to encourage that deeper stretch out of your muscles.

Recently I was out for a run and I stepped into a pothole. This twisted my lower leg sideways to a rather uncomfortable angle. Amazingly, no injury, not one bit. On the off chance that my lower leg hadn't been so adaptable to this sudden change of direction, I may have sprained ankle or worse.

Key point: Yoga helps us to avoid injury. As well as on the off chance that you do have a muscle, or tendon damage it may recuperate quicker, because of increased blood flow.

Stretching really develops the ligaments, tendons and muscles. They truly become longer and more healthy.

Check with your doctor before undertaking any sort of activity, including Yoga.


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