This place is a second home to me. Whether I'm taking a yin class, a 26 and 2, or an Inferno Pilates, the instructors are encouraging, enthusiastic, and inspiring. The people at the front counter are always helpful. This is not a place where sculpted bodies abound. People of all shapes and sizes come here because we are all made to feel welcome.


In March I broke my arm. Now what is the last thing most people would think to take up while in a cast? How about Hot Yoga?

In March 2015 I decided, for my overall 60+ years well being, that I needed to return to practicing Yoga. My preference is hot Yoga and I found the Nourish Hot Yoga studio within walking distance of my home. I purchased 20 sessions to get re-started. Before I registered for my first session, I broke my right arm just above the wrist. So, now what? I was in a cast for a minimum of 8 weeks. I knew re-starting was going to be a struggle but now with a broken wing, is it even possible? I spoke with a very understanding and wellness focussed studio owner Jai. We agreed I would give it a try - modifying postures where necessary. It was a 9 week journey before the cast came off, followed by a brace and physiotherapy. While I struggled with some postures, it was just like struggling with some aspects of life - I adapted and came through my recovery healing in more ways that one. Thank you Nourish staff for encouraging me to try and for guiding me in my practice. The result - I am in a much better place physically, emotionally, and spiritually.



I started Hot Yoga about 8 years ago. I've been consistent and conscientious in my practice. Everything that was promised has been delivered from improved nutrition, hydration and conditioning to weight loss. However, last winter I was encountering problems with my balance and flexibility. I'd reached a point in my practice and my outdoor activities that demanded change. But what?

YIN was the unexpected answer. It's calm, quiet and meditative. Only comfortable deep stretching on your mat with props available for additional support. Postures are held for up to 5 minutes and you only go to your personal limit or edge. The instructor gives complete demonstrations of the stretches. It's absolutely relaxing and rewarding and it's suitable for anyone.

But would it help? After only 4 to 6 sessions I found a positive improvement in both my balance and flexibility. Physically the stretching opened my hips, low back and helped the hamstrings. It allowed me to increase my outdoor aerobic activities. My hot practice is also more rewarding. In turn I got the unexpected results of being able to return to jogging and even achieve weight loss.

Try a conscientious Yin practice. The rewards will surprise you.


I love Bikram Method Yoga!

One and a half hours full on start to finish. 104 degrees. Sweat. (really love the sweat). Strength. Balance. Cardio. Focus. Hard work. Take no prisoners. Body awareness. Mind awareness. Humour. Relief.

Never, in all my life of serious activity found anything that I get such joy and contentment from.


  • Nourish Hot Yoga classes are as close to personal yoga instructors as you can get, representing fantastic value for your dollar. At almost every class, I get some kind of personal attention correcting or reinforcing the way I am doing a posture. This greatly helps to accelerate my progress but also reduce the risk of injury. Instructors are passionate about yoga, and they are passionate about YOUR yoga practice.

Kathleen A

  • I suggest to anyone who asks me about hot yoga to just dedicate themselves for a month.

I was just thinking about how much I enjoyed my stint at your studio last summer. So, I thought I'd give a testimonial to that experience.

I signed up at Nourish Hot Yoga just to try it out since it was close to where I worked. It ended up being an incredible experience. I had always experienced pain in both knees and right hip (tendinitis and a tight IT band) since I was young which I just accepted as how things were. I really dedicated myself to the hot yoga for 3 months and I'm free of those nagging pains. The only reason I stopped going is because I changed work locations. It's been 9 months since I stopped and I still have no chronic pain. I feel that I owe most of that progress to completing one of the 30 day challenges, during which I also became more flexible than I believed was possible. I'll be back again for sure and I suggest to anyone who asks me about hot yoga to just dedicate themselves for a month whether they feel like it or not, or whether they struggle in their first classes or not. It's supposed to push you.

Many thanks to teachers and students at Nourish Hot Yoga,



A little over a year ago, I was diagnosed with early stage prostate cancer. I chose proton (radiation) therapy to treat the cancer. However, while preparing for my treatments, a tumor was discovered on my bladder that turned out to be high grade, non invasive bladder cancer. The bladder cancer was more serious, so the prostate cancer treatments had to be put on hold. The tumor was surgically removed and I began a regimen of bladder treatments to keep the cancer from returning.

After about 6 months, I started my prostate treatments that consisted of 5 treatments per week for 9 weeks. I finished those treatments about two months ago and am hoping that I am now cancer free. I will continue to have my situation monitored for the next few years just to make sure the cancer does not return.

Since my treatments were in Seattle, I was only able to attend yoga classes on the weekend, and by then I really needed it to de-stress, unwind and prepare for the next week. Yoga really helped me stay focused, have patience, and be as stress free as possible.

I joined Nourish Hot Yoga on my 68th birthday in 2010. It's going on 5 years now, and I have to say that I really enjoy the Bikram method. It has helped me immensely with my posture, flexibility, patience, and overall well being. I'm so happy to be back doing yoga on a more regular basis. The staff, teachers, and students at NHY are the greatest, and the facilities are the best I have ever seen. Thank you for all your support.....

All the best,
Gary Ahmann


8-22-14 54 years Young

  • In the 8 months I've attended, chronic arthritis in my shoulder has subsided

8 months ago my wife asked me to join her in a Bikram method Yoga class to support her choice to more fitness and healthy living. I recalled thinking isn't that stuff mostly for woman? She replied "No!" So I attended and experienced what many others do in the beginning, a combination of feeling overwhelmed and challenged by the various postures. Eventually after adjusting to the hot room and nausea, my body sprang into toxin release mode and I felt alive!

Looking back I am so grateful that I have kept up weekly classes. The instructors are amazing and give lots of helpful tips, corrections, and often interlaced with a good dose of humor. In the 8 months I've attended, chronic arthritis in my shoulder has subsided, I have increased flexibility. Lost weight and trengthened my core & legs. I have found a venue to calm my soul.

I highly recommend Nourish Hot Yoga to anyone looking for a change from the status quo towards the direction of health and vitality. And I am happy to say, lots of men of all ages and shapes attend. LOL.

I'm also proud to report that since we've started our health and wellness lifestyle, we have a combined weight loss of 147 lbs.  

Lori and Luis

If you'd have told Jai Braithwaite 9 years ago that he was destined to be a hot yoga teacher and the owner of his own yoga studio, he'd have likely choked on his beer... and then rubbed his belly like Santa Clause. These days, he's more likely to be sipping green juice, with 50 pounds less belly to rub.

A cold night in November 2008 changed everything for Jai, certified Bikram Yoga teacher, and owner of Nourish Hot Yoga. Overweight, in pain, on a selection of blood pressure and cholesterol medications he struggled to sleep. Jai skeptically dragged himself up the stairs for his first 90 minute, hot yoga class and never looked back. Right away, he got a full night's sleep. After a few weeks of classes, his back and neck pain started to get better. Five months later, Jai was lying on his back and he noticed a hard object in his chest. At first he was concerned, but then he realized that having lost a whopping fifty pounds, he was, for the first time, feeling his ribs beneath his skin.

After feeling the life-changing benefits of hot yoga, Jai decided he needed a life change. His marriage was a little rocky and his career was waning. He talked to his wife Sandy about some time apart to attend a 9 week Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in San Diego. Upon returning, he realized that his marriage was far too important to abandon as all the issues he "thought" existed had dissolved. Sandy so impressed with his change motivated her to follow six months later and did the same training in Los Angeles. After teaching for few months they were presented with the opportunity to purchase their home studio, Bikram Yoga White Rock, (now rebranded Nourish Hot Yoga) and step into the role of studio owners. 2 years later, they decided to open a juice bar in some space downstairs from the yoga studio, and have since pioneered the arrival of fresh, cold pressed juice to the health enthusiasts of White Rock through Nourish Juice Bar's own label of energy-boosting concoctions.

Jai Braithwaite is a new man with a new life. He hasn't had a beer in over 6 years, sleeps well, is pain and medication free, and has kept off all the weight he lost in those five months, even though he still ventures into Burger Land every so often. In fact, Jai is in better shape at 55 than he's ever been, he maintains a regular weekly Yoga practice, enjoys weight training, running, long challenging hikes, and his new favorite cocktail - Energize.

Are you ready for a lifestyle change? Jai is living proof that it's never too late to get started on a new path, so come check out Nourish Hot Yoga, and start writing your transformational health story today!



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