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Hana Certified Teacher

I got my first taste of unconditional honesty with myself, physically and emotionally.

I have always been on a quest for better health. It was only when I slowed down my pace and connected to my body that I was able to find answers and solutions to imbalances in my physical body, emotional well being and personal life.
I am first and foremost a yoga teacher. I am also a personal trainer, certified by American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and American Council on Exercise (ACE). I have been teaching dynamic styles of yoga for several years and hold various certifications by bodies recognized by Yoga Alliance. My first Bikram yoga class was actually just research. I had been working as a personal trainer for 13 years, when a client of mine asked me about Bikram yoga. She'd heard it was great and attended two classes. For some unexplained reason, she felt incredibly good after; fantastic, actually.
She asked me to explain the physiology behind it, since I always had answers for her in that department. I explained that if she sweats while working out, it should be because of a rhythmic, dynamic movement of large muscle groups and it should be performed in moderate temperatures to prevent overheating and heat stroke. Also, if sweat is produced due to heat, the body is just cooling itself, not burning calories. This is what I had been taught in all my personal training courses, and any research paper currently available to public on exercise in heat confirms. So why? Why the tales of weight loss, healed addictions, newly found emotional and mental balance?
I went with my client so I could experience it myself, and better explain to her why she shouldn't go. I left the class feeling amazing; exhausted, amazing, a little confused and... humbled, as I couldn't explain what had happened. I got my first taste of unconditional honesty with myself, physically and emotionally. What I originally thought was too much information, turned out to be guided mindfulness meditation; what I thought to be unnecessary sweating, turned out to be a fantastic detoxification. The postures pointed out tight areas, weak areas and their repetition offered progress reports resembling doctor's visits. While I struggled to follow instructions I worked my tail off, firing and stretching every muscle in my body, yet left invigorated, in good spirits and ready to come back tomorrow. I was hooked needless to say. Hooked, yet free.



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