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Jai Studio Director, Certified Teacher

I lost 50 pounds in 5 months practicing Yoga at Nourish Hot Yoga!

I love a fast paced class that gets my heart rate up in a hurry and keeps it there. Add some humour and a littttle water and we have the makings of an outstanding 90 minute class.

My Yoga story begins on a cold and rainy November eve in 2008 when I dragged my overweight self up the stairs into the NHY studio. There I was met by a charming eastern European gent wearing only a Speedo and these strange white Sally Jesse Raphael like glasses. He showed me where to place my mat and towel and then proceeded to tell me to lock my knee more times than I can count. After 90 minutes of pain and dizziness, peppered with some tears, I was hooked. I came back the next night and then the next and the next and the next and yada yada yada... After years of searching, I finally found an exercise routine that worked for me. I acheived something that I had been working at for years. Weight loss and a solid nights sleep. The Bikram method changed my life, so it was only natural for me to attend the Teacher Training in the fall of 2010. In the fall of 2011 the opportunity for my wife and I to purchase NHY allowed us to share the life changing benefits this amazing series has to offer. Call me the Remington Razor man of new millenia. I look forward to being your pilot on the incredible, never ending healthy lifestyl and Yoga journey.



We offer plenty of classes throughout the week, so you're sure to find a time that fits into your busy day.

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